Eternal Sleep

Soft pastel、Pastel pencil

A very chance encounter brought me into contact with death, and I started to think about it.

At first I felt very anxious about it and couldn't sleep at night. For me death was like sleeping continuously.

Where do we go after we have slept?


My first death anxiety attack was at night, when I suddenly thought about death and a deep fear surrounded my whole body. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, and I started to sweat. The bed was like a coffin to me at that time. The hours passed, but I couldn't sleep at all.

Melting Away

Death for me is the same as a candle melting away. Whether it's family, friends, or precious memories, in the end they all come to naught. To wait for death is to wait for the candle to burn out. It falls everywhere like a teardrop. Finally it dissolves into a pile of smoke and fades away.


We are a big family and many relatives get together at every festive season. The one advantage I can think of in dying is that even if people visit my grave at Ching Ming Festival, I won't hear the loud chatter. Also, please bury the stereo with me if necessary.



All kinds of life have a reason for existing and a reason for disappearing. Everything reincarnate again and again in the passage of time, bringing us colourful scenes. I hope I can become a tiny dust in the future, following the wind around the world, smelling the fragrance of various flowers and dancing with butterflies.

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